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The "There's a GOG for That" Directory is coming back!

There are no annual dues at GOGs - actually there are NO dues, annual or otherwise.
So, this is the way to show your GOGiness!

Your directory listing is managed by YOU! You can create and update it any time.
Displays your photo, logo, bio, about info, your SOCIAL LINKS and you can even include special offers or upcoming events.

Shown from previous directory... the new directory, may have a different look or layout.

The directory will be actively promoted every month to sister GOGs as well as the general public via social platforms and link sharing. There will be other perks along the way as well.

How much?
$100... for now...
The price when the directory was introduced was $100 PER YEAR. Then we decided to make it $100 IN PERPETUITY*! And you can still purchase your listing through 12/17/21 for that same $100 in perpetuity* from years ago!

$175 after 12/17...
After the holiday luncheon, the price will be $175 in perpetuity*. This will include your listing PLUS an official GOG Nametag AND the brand new, soon-to-be-revealed, GOG Exclusive Networking Kit (a $30+ value)!

But I already bought a listing!
For those who already had a listing that they PURCHASED...
You will STILL have a listing! For sure! All you have to do is email with the subject line, REVIVE MY LISTING by 12/17 and you'll have one when the directory goes live. NOTE: You will need to recreate it, but it's been so long you'd probably want to do that anyway :)

What about that cool new GOG networking kit? And the nametag?
As a listing "holder" you will be able to purchase the new kit for just $25. The kit is not available YET for those not in the directory. As for nametags, you probably already have one or more, but if you need one, you can now buy one online or at meetings.

OK, I'm IN! What Now?
Once you purchase your listing below (or let us know that you'd done so in the past)...
When the new site with the new directory goes live, you will be issued a new user name and temporary password. PLEASE BE SURE you purchase using the email to which you want to receive your login credentials and instructions.

Active means that you attend at least one meeting per quarter (4 meetings/year): Jan-Mar, Apr-May, Jun-Sep, Oct-Dec.

  • If you become inactive, you will be given a 2 week notice that your listing will be deactivated.
  • Your listing will be reactivated after you attend the next a meeting.
  • If you remain inactive for more than 6 months, reactivation will require a fee of $25 in addition to your meeting registration.
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Price $175.00
Now Just... $100.00