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GOGs is unveiling its first ever holiday gift giving guide!

This is a great opportunity to promote your holiday specials, offers, events and gift giving ideas to your sister GOGs and friends of GOGs! And at only $30, this is a bargain of a marketing opportunity!

It will be emailed on Black Friday, included in the December Holiday Announcement, be sent again before the Holiday Luncheon on the 22nd AND have its very own webpage on the GOGs site... Plus be shared multiple times on Facebook.

  • Your ad can be anything you want
  • You can provide the ad file OR for just $25 more, we can create it for you.
  • It can link anywhere you want it to go... you website, a special landing page, a meet up group or event, a facebook page or event, etc.
  • You have the opportunity to upgrade to featured placement for +$20 (only 6 available)
  • You can have an animated ad for just $25 more (only 1 per row).

There are only a TOTAL of 18 spots available! Get in the Guide Today!


Ad Size = 200 pixels wide x 250 pixels high (72 dpi, RGB)

Placement is first purchased, first placed...


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Price $30.00
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